Meet Our Teachers

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Our Teachers

Trained, fluent both in the language and the culture they teach they understand how you or your child learn and what’s the most successful way to teach language. Caring and invested whose objectives are your success we chose for their history, experience and personality as well as for their skills. We love them, we know you will too..


Nancy Salvidar

Spanish since 2014

Nancy is our Torrance Campus Director. She is the happiest when surrounded with her little peeps. Native Spanish speaker, she started as an assistant working in preschools as she was going to school. These experience determined her future, and we are delighted to have her in our team. While maintening a safe environment, she focuses on the proper developemnt and growth of her little students. Time with her is always fun and nurturing.

Patty Lizarraga

Spanish and English since 2013

Patty loves teaching because it is so rewarding to see the thrill of young children get from learning, seeing their proud faces when they learn a new word and being able to repeat it. She believes children are our future. And each child is unique.
She particulary enjoys teaching them the songs she learned while growing up.
She always compliment children by telling them good job and saying I like the way you work.
She likes working in Savoir Faire because we are like a family we help each other.
While not working she enjoys spending her weekends as a family going to her son’s soccer games.


Ruixin Guo

Chinese since 2016

Graduated from University of Southern California and from Yanshan University, China, Ruixin majored in Chinese-English, during which time she had many opportunities to work closely with young children. She loves working with children. Her previous experiences in China and in the US taught her the importance of being hard working, detail oriented, open minded and more importantly that the more she cares for her students, the more successful they will be. She brings her strong communication skills as well as an unlimited enthusiasm to her class. Ruixion looks forward to meeting all of her students and to bring them closer to fluency.

Fanny Raphaneaud

Fanny Raphaneaud

French since 2017

Fanny walked into our office looking for a way to share her language, culture, and her love of children. She started as a substitute, and when our French preschool teacher left, she naturally moved into that position as a permanent teacher. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in 1973, and after working in the corporate world for most of her life, she decided she wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. A mother of 5 and grandmother of 7, she gently guides her little students through the challenges of learning French. They love her! There is some magic about her… lots of love, and experience!


Christine Woods

German since 2001

Christine started working for Savoir Faire in March of 2001. She moved with her family to the US in summer of 2000 and used to work in Germany teaching English at all levels to adult students. She has always enjoyed teaching very much and love to share German culture and funny little stories about her country. When the German program closed, she didn’t want to leave Savoir Faire Language Institute family so she applied to become a teacher assistant in our preschool. Her focus and dedication is precious to the whole team.

Ann Esquivel

Spanish since 2019

Ann joined our team in the beginning of 2019 as we were looking for teachers for our new location. She graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Science in sociology in 2017. Right after her graduation she started to work with children. With patience and focus, she is able to adjust to every child’s personality. She always looks for the positive and creates a warm and friendly environment encouraging children to be understanding and patient with each other. She creates a class to develop curiosity, exploration and problem-solving appropriate to children’s development levels, always using the positive reinforcement method. 

Olga Benitez

Spanish since 2019

Olga  joined our team in February of 2019 as we were hiring future teachers for our new school. Her education is in Early Childhood Education, and she has long experience as a teacher assistant in kindergarten.  She also brought along her love of teaching and her dedication to see children succeed. Using a variety of instructional materials visual, auditory, verbal, and kinesthetic, to support learning objectives,  she encourages students to develop self-confidence.

Rosio Herrera

Spanish since 2019

Rosio  joined our team in the spring of 2019 as we were hiring future teachers for our new school. With a solid Child Development background, she brings a long experience working with infants and toddlers, she is the perfect teacher to lead our new 2 year old program. She has created an environment in which the children learn by exploring, surrounded by caregivers who are role model to follow. Believing that children must be treated equally and respectfully, she brings calm and love being a nourishing part of their life and encouraging them to be the they can be.


Sylvia Kennedy

Spanish since 2016

Sylvia González Kennedy is a long time bilingual (Spanish and English) school educator. She attended UCLA where she earned a credential and ultimately a Doctorate in Education. She enjoys creating lessons that are motivating to her students so they can achieve second language success. She is quick to adapt to her students’ needs to bring out the best in them as they become responsible for their own learning. She has decades of experience in curriculum development, teacher training, and translation. She was born in Spain, and lived in Morocco and Brazil before coming to the United States. Her history motivated her eldest daughter to teach English in Japan and work abroad as a diplomat. When not in the classroom, Sylvia enjoys crossword puzzles, reading, painting ceramics, knitting, and walking her dog.