welcome to Savoir Faire Language Institute

Welcome to Savoir Faire Language Institute, our European-Style Immersion Preschool.

Through life instruction, in our classes, children learn to speak Spanish/French/Mandarin, the same way they learned their first language by laughing, playing, drawing and eventually conversing. Your child will participate in “hands-on learning experiences”. Every class is designed to guide them towards becoming joyful and independent learners. At the same time, almost effortlessly, your child will acquire a second language.

At Savoir Faire, our professional and multi-lingual team designs a curriculum to enhance the children’s interests, in a happy and safe environment. Our intercultural teaching styles merge to create a dynamic approach to instruction.

why choose us?

Your child will be happy & nurtured

  • Our class are small = lots of individual attention
  • We understand and respect learning styles
  • Our focus is the development of emotional and social skills
  • Our teachers are educated and trained in positive discipline techniques
  • We use a developmentally appropriate approach
  • We believe in smiles and hugs
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Such an open and caring environment. Kids learning language through the natural organic process by which they are uniquely suited to learn language, not through enervating rote exercise. Teachers that love what they do and have been there for years. Teachers that aren’t shy about showing warmth and affection to their charges.

I love Savoir Faire because when I go in the door, I’m greeted in Mandarin, Spanish, French, and English, and I see kids of all backgrounds together. It’s not lip service — this is true diversity, and it’s a vision of the world that I want all children to have and hold on to.

For me and my preschooler, being at Savoir Faire at the pier has been nothing short of pure magic. I wish you well.

Jethro Hu
June 2019