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Our Mission

Language is above all communication. We believe that successful communication is not found only in textbooks, drills and grammar exercises. Successful communication is to be able to comprehend, speak and understand the culture. Successful communication requires all 3!    Our mission at SAVOIR FAIRE Language Institute is to teach students how to communicate with the language and the culture they learn. We offer an immersion approach in a relaxed atmosphere where our students can naturally communicate and laugh as they participate in activities that really get them talking and learning.


Zoila Villafuerte

Our Director (Co-owner)

A full credential teacher from Peru she has been teaching with us since 1999. In 2018, she became one of Savoir Faire Language Institute co-owner and the Director of operations. She is one of the master teachers who helped in writing the Spanish curriculum for Savoir Faire Language Institute. Very patient, passionate and compassionate, she creates magic in our classrooms, kids absolutely love her.

Joelle Petit Adkins

Joelle Petit Adkins

Our Founder Now Retired

Joelle started Savoir Faire Language institute in 1995 to fill up the gap in language teaching. She owns a full teaching credential for Paris V University.

Her interest for traveling brought her to study multiple languages and cultural differences. Though only fluent in French and English, she could live in a Spanish speaking culture and survive in an Italian or German environment. She embraces any opportunities to discover new languages and cultures. Her passion for languages and cultural understanding is still now shared by the team at Savoir Faire Language Institute.


Grace Wang

Our Accountant

Born and raised in China, Grace moved to the US, in 2002.Detailed oriented, she takes particular care to  insure every number is right. Very responsible and hard working , with a lot of patience, she easily integrated and is now a full member of our Savoir Faire Family.

why choose sfli?

Your child will be happy & nurtured

  • Our class are small =lots of individual attention
  • We understand and respect learning styles
  • Our focus is the development of emotional and social skills
  • Our teachers are educated and trained in positive discipline technique
  • We use a developmentally appropriate approach
  • We believe in smiles and hugs
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My sons (5 and 3.5) have been attending Savior Faire for about a year now. We’ve attended the Redondo Beach location and most recently moved to the Torrance site. I can’t say enough about how absolutely wonderful staff are with students and parents. They are caring, thoughtful, dedicated educators. My sons are so happy at this school.  Both my sons are more confident with their foreign language acquisition and are growing in ways I never expected. They’ve made great friends and it shows in how much they talk about them at home. I am grateful to have such a wonderful, play- based school that can balance the intricacies of structured learning through various play-based techniques.

Brenda (11/19/2019)