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We also offer E.S.L.


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Savor Faire | Language Institute

Why Moms Choose SFLI?


We offer complete fluency and literacy program for children in Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and German including mommy and me, an immersion preschool, and a 6 year articulated after school program.

In addition, Savoir Faire offers cultural and language opportunities in the summer in the form of cultural and foreign language rich summer camps and "Cook and Learn" classes in Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, German and Japanese.

We provide language services both on our Redondo Beach campus and in the greater Los Angeles area to the corporate community, private and public schools and preschools and English language training to international groups.

Savoir Faire has designed their programs as a complete immersion experience, language and cultural.

Our goal is to reach kids! We really WANT kids to be jazzed by a foreign language and the richness of other cultures and customs. We want to be responsible for their life long pursuit of fabulous cuisines and exotic adventures and for motivating kids to study and reap the benefits of speaking one, two, three or more languages.

We WANT your kids to drag you to an Argentinean churassco style restaurant and make crêpes on Saturday mornings instead of pancakes. Our passion is for life and language and our classes reflect this.

We don’t think passion for anything happens in a clinical class that divorces foreign language from its roots - even a class where pretty toys are strewn about. How long does your child remain interested in any of her toys? There is nothing wrong with toys, we use them, but it is not the toys that inspire kids to be self motivated learners!

Most kids are curious about other languages but they don’t get passionate until they have drunk chocolat chaud from bowls or dressed up like Arlecchino or strummed a mariachi guitar or reconstructed a tile fresco from a ruined villa in Pompeii . Now we’ve got them wanting to know more!

At Savoir Faire programs, we give your kid back to you interested in the world!