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Testimonials From Our Students


Testimonials from current and past students: these testimonials came via emails, notes to us without being requested!


Dear Joelle,


As we discussed this morning, it was a pleasure to study Spanish in your school.

When I began in December, 2012 I knew very little about Spanish but with a passionate, encouraging teacher in Eneyda Herrera and with your additional suggestions, in just nine months I’ve learned to speak well enough and to understand well enough to communicate in Spanish.

This despite my having no special talent in learning languages.

And your or Eneyda’s suggestions to advance my Spanish skills are always welcome.

In addition I congratulate you on your beautiful new facility located above the Redondo Beach Pier. It is such a pretty setting and one in which your students and staff will enjoy.


Dick K. Sept 2013


Hi! Bonjour! hola! nihao!

I’ve started up my Mandarin classes again, and I am really enjoying the new format. The new class focuses on immersion, and we play a lot of games in class. While playing, I realized I’ve been going about learning words the hard way!

I've have a great time there and everyone at the school is very kind and helpful!

RR 03/07/12


Bonsoir, buenas tardes, & guten Abend,

     It was great to meet you tonight.  Thank you for the party and chocolates...and for creating and maintaining such an impressive school.  I noticed Savoir Faire on a summer afternoon over a cup of frozen yogurt with a friend, and I'm so happy that I did, because it's a great community to be a part of.  While it's pretty easy to find local yoga centers, book clubs, churches, and sports teams, a big group of foreign language enthusiasts is much harder to come by. 

     I look forward to my German class every week and am thoroughly amazed at how quickly it's moving! Thanks for making this place.

Thank you, gracias, merci & danke.

And happy holidays!!

L.S. 12/2010



I wanted to let you know that Rolla had really helped me with my State Department test. I passed the test with flying colors! Thanks for all the help!

SP 4/2010


Our class is so lucky to have Armand as our teacher. He is such a joy. He gets everyone going. He never skips over anyone because they might not be as good as someone else. He gives everyone a chance and makes them feel comfortable whether they make a mistake or not. In other words he does not focus on one person in the class who may give the perception of being better than others (but in reality may not be). He has a great sense of humor. We are most fortunate and I personally am very grateful.

Thank you!

B. F. �?9


My daughter was accepted in 8th grade in an independent school and you'll be happy to know that Spanish is a required course for all 6th and 7th grade students. Her background at your school has made this transition so easy!

Thank you and you wonderful team!

DC. M. �?9


I absolutely love my French class and adore my teacher. I consider my tuition a vey small fee for this type of high quality instruction. Thanks for creating such a wonderful place to learn and to meet such interesting people.

C.G. �?9


We really enjoyed the holiday shows this week. What a wonderful opportunity for the children to bring their families to school and show off what they learned. They did great performing in front such a crowd!


M. T. �?9


I have always wanted to learn a foreign language but my life was too busy, I never got to it. Savoir Faire’s schedule and flexibility finally allows me to fulfill my dream.

M.S. �?8


Thanks for creating such a wonderful place to learn and to meet such interesting people!

C. G. �?8


I want to tell you how pleased we are with the German classes for my daughter. She has really picked up a lot and completely ENJOYS class! She sings Bruder Jakob so much that my little two-year-old is starting to copy her.

Christine has wonderful energy and is realistic about age appropriateness. She keeps the kids engaged with lots of games and music.

I also think that the materials are first rate. The CD and accompanying book are very well done and the worksheets are easy to understand and learn from without being too repetitive or demanding too much coloring. My child loves that she has her own folder and her sense of ownership and accomplishment shows through.

Finally, I love that this is a classroom setting. A proper environment in which to learn can never be dismissed.

Please pass on the kudos to Christine as well. I know how much work it takes to run a business, so please be assured that our experience with your school has been excellent.

D. O. �?8



I just wanted to tell you that the new weekly homework system that my daugher is using has been a big hit! It has really motivated her not only to do her work, but to do some French everyday! She has also become much more excited about French class (she has asked me before if she could quit, but I told her she must keep working so that she will be fluent as an adult). Anything you can do to keep students excited about French is great! She also loved the field trip to Creme de la Crepe.

G. K. May 08


It is great to be in your school.


B. C. 08


I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help with the homework and the exercises in class. I really look forward to Tuesday evenings. Your lessons are helping me a great deal and I am getting very excited about trying to understand more and speak “un peu en français�?when I travel to France.

A.W. 07


Thank you again! My students love going to Spanish class, and really enjoy telling me all the new songs and words they learned the day before. I know this is a very important part of their learning experience, and I am grateful for S.F.L.I’s part in it.

M.L. 07


Thank you very much for being the go-between here. You give off an air of unflappability. I like the personal touch of your school. People are allowed to have their own lives; it is a pleasant antidote to the corporate regimentation that seems so pervasive. Plus, the two instructors I've had contact with have been wonderful. So, it's worth a wait. I look forward to coming to class!

H.S. 07


Thank you so much for your love and dedication. I have worked as a teacher with so many other teachers in the last decade, and I feel so fortunate to have Nicole work with you! She loves you a lot. You are so good. She is learning a lot in your class and absolutely "loves learning French". It is very common for her to cry because she wants to "go to French School" Friday morning is her favorite time of the week.

I have recommended your school to so many parents and strongly feel that it is the best thing Nicole is doing right now. I am planning to continue for a very long time.

KM �?4


Languages do not come easy to me.

Over the past few years, I have studied Spanish in various settings ranging from organized classroom study in the U.S., to private tutors in the U.K., to immersion courses in Central America - with varying degrees of success.

Finally I have found Cesar at the Savoir-Faire Language Institute. Not only does Cesar speak the language, but also he has a thorough understanding - thanks to his doctorate in Linguistics - of how to TEACH Spanish to a native English speaker like myself. Thanks to Savoir-Faire and Cesar, I have made more progress in a few short weeks than I have anywhere else, and I have really enjoyed the experience of the language starting to "switch on" for me.

H. Y. �?3