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Savoir Faire’s Comprehensive Program

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Savoir Faire Language Institute is your child’s opportunity to become a fluent speaker of a foreign language.


European children begin learning foreign languages in preschool. They do not miraculously become fluent from a few foreign language classes in high school. It takes many years of exposure and study, even in Europe! The foundation is set during childhood where learning a foreign language and acquiring a flawless accent is like play �? quite effortless. Later, children begin the study of how the language operates through grammar.


Following this model, Savoir Faire has developed a comprehensive and articulate foreign language school that powerfully leads your child, step by step, to fluency and literacy in Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German or Italian.



Our Preschool & Beginner classes are perfect for English speaking students who are just starting out. Your child can join these beginning classes for their first exposure, develop a basic foundation and have a really enjoyable foreign language experience. If they decide not to continue, they are only richer for the time spent.


Our Preschool & Beginner solidly prepares your child for moving into the next levels.  At the next level, her oral language skills will also become writing skills. In Bridges 2, your child’s one-word responses will grow to become short sentences. Her 100-word vocabulary becomes 300 words and she has begun one of the most valuable journeys of her lifetime.



Our Levels (1 to 7) and Literacy classes are perfect for your children.

.These classes are conducted entirely in the foreign language and develop literacy skills in tandem with speaking skills. Your kids can skip our beginning levels and jump in at any of the higher levels fulfill your desire that your children fluently read and write your native language.



Which class is right for my child?

 Background  Description
Language Camps in the Summer Age 4 and up no background A lighter approach to language learning - with much emphasis on FUN, similar to our summer camps.  Children learn basic vocabulary in a fun club-like atmosphere. (75% immersion)
Beginners 6 yrs & up no background These classes are a bit more focused on language learning than the summer camps.  This is the 1st level in Savoir Faire's articulated steps toward fluency. Introduces 200 vocabulary words (90% immersion)
Levels 1 & 2 1 to 2 yr background minimum After 1 or 2 years in the target language, children are ready to build vocabulary and really start to speak and read in the new language. (95% immersion)
Levels 3 to 7 2 to 5  yr background Focus on children responding in complete sentences. Continue building receptive language and develop literacy.  Introduces 100 to 200  new vocabulary words each year   (100% immersion)
Literacy levels Age 9 and up 4+ yr background minimum At this point the students have acquired enough language and are ready to move on to literacy. Writing and reading, grammar and literature are now part of the class. (100%immersion)



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