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We also offer E.S.L.


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Savor Faire | Language Institute

Adult Summer Courses



6 weeks Sessions





Light and Easy

Intro Level (no background) (3 weeks)

French/ Spanish /Italian/ Chinese (Mandarin)/ Japanese

Off to Paris or Rome for a quick visit?  Always wanted to learn a foreign language but never had the right opportunity? This is the course for you. During the 3 week course, you’ll learn enough to make the most of your stay and enough to decide if this is the right challenge for you. Summer is the perfect time to “get your feet wet”. Join a stress-free, beginning-level class and dabble in a little “je ne sais quoi”. A light, commitment-free, summer evening or Saturday morning distraction that helps you keep your promise to learn a foreign language on day.


Conversation Builder

Upper beginner �?intermediate (2 to 4 college semesters) (3 weeks)

 “I can understand a lot but I get all tongue tied when I try to speak”

If this sounds like you Savoir-Faire Language Institute has the perfect summer course to get your speaking more fluently. This course uses many conversation techniques and reviews to provide bountiful opportunities for you to speak fluently. In three quick weeks you will find foreign language flowing with much more ease from you rather than stuttering and sputtering. Culturally interesting video segments will be used to improve your ability to understand a variety of native speakers. A comfortable yet structured class designed to help you reach greater conversation skills.


Language and Culture

Upper intermediate-Advanced (4 semester college +) (3 weeks)

What a better source of language to inspire and boost your speaking level�?than current events!?  These summer courses will use the news paper, the internet, classic literature of today and yesterday and movies to inspire your language learning.  Rollicking conversations, jokes and debates led by our passionate teachers characterized these summer Language & Culture classes. The advanced grammar you study is applied in increasingly challenging strategies and techniques that encourage you to begin to “think” in the language you are learning. After participating in these activities, students find language flows from their brain to their tongues more automatically. It takes, surprisingly, little time to dredge up old language experiences. The native speaking teacher acts as a facilitator who, corrects, teaches mini-lessons and provides material for interesting and thought-provoking conversations. The conversations will demand advanced constructions from students. If you are a rusty upper-intermediate to advanced speaker or if you want to take your language skills to the next level, this is the course for you!






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