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We also offer E.S.L.



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Savor Faire | Language Institute

Adult Summer Courses


6 weeks Sessions


Intro classes:

For students who never studied the language before.
A true introductory beginning level, In a relaxed, social atmosphere, empathetic teachers create effective practice activities and present new information slowly, clearly in an organized manner and repeated and practiced often. We encourage your questions and are happy to re-teach until you feel comfortable.

60% immersion.
Students will have the opportunity to continue in the fall by joining our beginner level group class.


Beginner conversation level:

You can understand key words, and formulaic expressions that are highly contextualized and highly predictable, such as those found in introductions and basic courtesies. You understand words and phrases from simple questions, statements, and high-frequency commands. You require repetition, rephrasing, and/or a slowed rate of speech for comprehension. You can communicate short messages on highly predictable, everyday topics that affect you directly. You do through the use of isolated words and phrases that have been encountered, memorized, and recalled.

85% immersion


Intermediate conversation Level:

At this level, you are able to understand some information from sentence-length speech, one utterance at a time, in basic personal and social contexts, though comprehension is often uneven. You are able to handle successfully a limited number of uncomplicated communicative tasks by creating with the language in straightforward social situations. You are primarily reactive and struggle to answer direct questions or requests for information. Your responses are filled with hesitancy and inaccuracies as you search for appropriate linguistic forms and vocabulary while attempting to give form to the message. In spite of frequent misunderstandings that may require repetition or rephrasing you can generally be understood by sympathetic interlocutors, particularly by those accustomed to dealing with non-natives. 95% immersion



Advanced conversation level:

At this level, you are able to understand the main facts and some supporting details. You are able to participate in most informal and some formal conversations on topics related to school, home, and leisure activities. You demonstrate the ability to narrate and describe in the major time frames of past, present, with some control of aspect. Your dominant language may be evident in the use of false cognates, literal translations, or the oral paragraph structure of that language. Your discourse may be minimal, marked by an irregular flow, and containing noticeable self-correction. Your speech is typically marked by a certain grammatical roughness. 100% immersion



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